NCA CCO Ian Heartfield: my Top Tip for Cannes

Top Tip for Cannes

McDonald’s Raise Your Arches

This is a tip for Cannes, and the world is in a bit of a mess. With those two reasons in mind my pick for a Lion or two is the McDonald’s ‘Raise your Arches’ film. Understandably, Cannes loves a visual film. Complex narratives and dialogue don’t tend to have an easy time making their way through the international juries.

Eyebrows being raised are recognisable wherever you are in the world, as are the omnipresent golden arches. And as the world isn’t a particularly happy place right now, a joyful, entertaining piece of film is just what a brand like McDonald’s should be bringing to our screens. This film is pure joy from beginning to end. Expertly cast, sharply directed, perfect choice of music. Slam dunk.

Ian Heartfield is a co-founder and CCO of New Commercial Arts.

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