MAA Ad of the Week: Cornish Orchards from The Corner

Cornish Orchards is making its ad debut with The Corner, a diverting 30 seconds riffing on the social media obsession (allegedly) with hydraulic presses. Yes, there’s even a YouTube Hydraulic Press Channel.

So lots of things you don’t like get pressed – as also does Cornish Orchard which, they hope, you do like.

Ingenious but works anyway, whatever your feelings about hydraulic presses.

In drinks land Saatchi’s new campaign for Robinsons is getting a fair bit of stick (we sat on the fence.) It’s the proud winner of Campaign’s revived Turkey of the Week.

Saw a poster the other day which I read as ‘Get Refreshed’ although it was probably ‘Get Refresh’d’ as that seems to be Robinsons’ dreaded new brand platform.

Even so I would have hated to have been the copywriter who stepped into the creative director’s office at CDP or Leagas Delaney with ‘Get Refreshed’ or even ‘Refresh’d’ as the fruits of my labours.

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