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Robinsons, Covid and a sex toy like an iceberg: snapshots from an uncertain adland

Slim pickings for UK agencies at D&AD, once the premier UK festival which rose to prominence in the ‘Swinging London’ 1960s.

Always an uneasy alliance twixt designers and ad creatives (I remember one evening back in the day when the designers took so long about it the ads didn’t appear until after midnight) it goes in phases. Historically first the designers, then advertising from the 70s to the end of the century, now it seems to be designers again. Adam&eveDDB’s brilliant CALM campaign was about the only advertising stand-out this year.

Difficult for creative agencies in these digital days when, quite often, the media agency only allows them 20 seconds (if they get 30, what joy, the last 15 are probably products and prices.)

Here are a few that have caught the eye, covering the field (a pretty wide one actually.)

Robinsons is back with a new platform (aren’t we all darling) with a new campaign from Saatchi, built around a tune that may be familiar from one of A&E’s equine efforts for Lloyds.

Clever, A for effort, or completely missing the point about fruit drinks? A bit of both I suspect.

BBH Singapore has no such time constraints with this effort for a regional insurer. Covid still seems to be having a bigger impact out East. It can be quite hard to get a visa to travel elsewhere, for example.

BBH Singapore often goes the extra mile, quite a lot of them in this instance.

Then the inimitable Zulu Alpha Kilo from Toronto with a sex toy that looks like a (real) phallic iceberg.

Only for the brave perhaps.

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