Gen Z life lessons from LinkedIn: VCCP’s ‘Avoid the awkward’

LinkedIn’s influence and value escalated in the pandemic when IRL networking couldn’t happen, and the social network for business still seems to be going from strength to strength.

VCCP’s new campaign targets Gen Z LinkedIn users, so there must even be plenty of those now. It’s a social video series that talks about how to act like a normal person in the workplace, mainly by not saying stupid things to people who may look or act a bit different to you. All are based on real life situations and feature LinkedIn “influencers.”

Zara Easton, head of brand marketing UK at LinkedIn, said: “Gen Z professionals want to openly discuss and address challenges of DEI in the workplace, and we see experts on LinkedIn sharing tips and experiences every day to help people do this more. The content brings to life real stories we can all learn from, while shining a light on topics that younger workers care deeply about. We chose a playful direction, which plays off ‘awkward’ British behaviour to capture people’s attention on these important topics in unexpected ways.”

Matt Lloyd, deputy ECD at VCCP London, said: “It’s a difficult conversation by its very nature. A lot of people are scared of saying anything for fear of saying the wrong thing, so we needed to say it’s ok to get it wrong if you then learn from those mistakes. But we didn’t want it to be too earnest or worthy, we wanted the uncomfortable situations to bring a smile, and that’s where Hannah Berry George and her great comedic touch brought them to life in all their awkward glory.”

You’d think that Gen Z would be able to negotiate these conversations better than older workers, so maybe the campaign is about reassuring them that workplaces care about inclusivity and that swapping a WFH environment for office life might not be so bad after all.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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