Channel 4 hits back at the streamers with trans-Atlantic parody reel

If Channel 4 was taken over by US corporates, it might produce the kind of generic rubbish in this spot by 4Creative, which reimagines Derry Girls as Mean Girls and Channel 4 News as its Fox equivalent.

But if you’re sick of everything being the same, the message goes, just settle back and enjoy Channel 4’s “altogether different” shows.

Lynsey Atkin, ECD of 4creative, said: “One of the many brilliant things about Channel 4 is that its shows are distinctly British. What a gloriously fun thing it has been for the team to turn all of this wonderful nuance into brash, bold, ‘generic nonsense.’ Long live sweary nuns, independent journalism and Tony from Hollyoaks exactly as he is.”

There’s a poster campaign to go with it, in which Channel 4 stars stand next to figures who would stereotypically play their roles on a less adventurous platform.

It makes entertaining viewing and it’s a smart way of pushing Channel 4’s new pitch as a streaming destination.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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