A brew for boomers: Beck’s Brazil targets 70+ drinkers

Anti-ageism may be gathering force in the ad industry. Beck’s has now introduced a new 70+ beer, suitably packaged in a silver-grey can and made with a new formula that caters to pensioners’ palates.

The accompanying campaign by AKQA shows a “mature” woman having her ID checked, to make sure she meets the 70+ age limit for customers.

Rodrigo Barbosa, creative director at AKQA, said: “With new behaviours in everyday life, maturity takes on a different meaning in today’s society. Today, ageing well is being able to continue enjoying all the most delicious experiences in life – including a great beer.”

He goes on to talk about the work being “a dialogue with the pro-aging culture movement,” although a bunch of OAPs behaving badly has a lot in common with Ron Howard’s 1985 film “Cocoon.”

It’s hard not to look patronising when you put elderly ravers on screen, but full marks for keeping the issue of ageism on the agenda.

The video is age restricted, so the curious will have to go on to YouTube to watch the full 60-seconds.

MAA creative scale: 6

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