MAA Ad of the Week: First Direct by Wunderman Thompson

Here’s a strange one, Wunderman Thompson for online bank First Direct. Every now and then First Direct has moved the curtains with its ads; seem to recall the late-lamented HHCL burnishing its reputation with the (then) challenger bank.

This new campaign goes for (mildly shocking) impact with ‘skint,’ not a word banks normally contemplate (although many of their customers are), brought to life by a skunk. Again not the furry creature you expect.

Have a nagging feeling it could have been even better, more polished perhaps but maybe that’s not the point. Anyway good to see a bank actually saying something.

PS While we’re on the subject of noteworthy ads here are two that landed this week.

First Pablo for investment “platform” AJ Bell, a successful financial services disruptor.

Bonkers (and not in a good way.)

And TBWA with a very big budget (and somewhat enigmatic) effort for BMW China.

Nice work if you can get it (I think.)

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