George Parker: the best and worst of 2022

In his unequaled wisdom, Stephen has asked me to rattle on about what I consider to the best and the worst ads of 2022. So, here goes… The best is without question the wonderful spot for “Posten,” the Norwegian postal service that was featured back in November here on MAA. It shows Mother Earth giving Father Christmas a severe bollocking for allowing the rampant consumerism of Christmas to fuck up the planet. As I commented… What a pleasant surprise it is to discover that there are still people in the ad biz who are capable of creating work that does not underestimate the intelligence of the audience. Plus…Thank God there are still some clients prepared to sign off on work of this quality.

As for the worst… Anything featuring a celebrity endorsing crap for big bucks. In particular, rich “Brand Ambassadors” on behalf of Crypto currencies. The list includes Matt Damon shilling in a truly awful spot. Then in October, Kim Kardashian made headlines for incurring a million-dollar Securities and Exchange Commission fine for shilling EthereumMax whilst flashing her arse.

The icing on the cake however is the news that in mid-November, Larry David got nabbed for trousering millions from recently exploded Crypto company FTX in a Super Bowl ad. And under the icing is the fact that the millions that funded this effort will be part of the claw backs being claimed from BDA Dentsu Creative. Truly a Big Dumb Agency. I wonder if they got paid in Crypto. ‘Cos the money they will have to refund had better be the real stuff. That’s it for 22. See you in 23. Time for a Martini. Cheers.

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