AMV BBDO shows what it’s made of with WhatsApp winner

After decades of apparently immovable stability at the top of the UK agency rankings, AMV BBDO is an agency in transition, with departures of key execs and clients.

At the same time it’s hoovered up awards for Bodyform/Libresse in particular – proving something or other, not quite sure what.

It’s on top form again with this new film, ‘Fireworks within,’ for WhatsApp, part of the creaking Meta empire. You can have a New Year party on your own it seems.

WhatsApp’s Vivian Odior says: “New Year’s Eve is the one holiday that the world celebrates together, and the most important thing people do that day is text or call a loved one. We’re excited to celebrate those private moments people have in appreciation of the record use of WhatsApp on the holiday.” Apparently 100 billion messages are expected on New Year’s Eve.

To extract so much emption from a messaging message is no mean feat.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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