BBC goes downbeat for the World Cup nobody wants

FIFA’s choice of Qatar from the imminent World Cup has been a spirited attempt to finish off football. The old game will probably survive the ministrations of these greedy old bandits but it might be a close run thing.

It’s being broadcast by the Beeb and ITV (for how long will FIFA turn down the money from the streamers?) and the opportunity to work on a such a promo should be a creative’s dream. I bet those at BBC Creative were heading for the hills when this brief turned up.

The last Winter Olympics was in China, the football World Cup in Russia – which tells you something about our esteemed sports bodies. Nobody wanted to mention Beijing and the same seems to be true of Qatar, if this is any guide. Perhaps they should have signed up David Beckham.

The tone is, inevitably perhaps, resolutely downbeat. The World Cup affects us all, is the theme, like it or not.

The Beeb will doubtless be spending shedloads of money on its coverage so it has to do something.

Pretty lacklustre all the same.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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