Expanding VMLY&R Health appoints Gillis as first CEO

WPP’s VMLY&R Health has announced a raft of appointments including Claire Gillis (below) as its first CEO.

Other leadership roles are: Jason Gloye, co-lead North America and chief client officer; Christianna Gorin co-lead North America and chief experience officer; Walt Geer, chief experience design officer and Olivia Collins managing director of global growth.

VMLY&R Health says it grew 17% vlast year (21% in North America.) It now has 8 offices in total.

Gillis, who sold her consultancy WG Group to WPP in 2010, says: “Working in this industry gives you a unique opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives — and it’s a pleasure to be surrounded by people who feel the same way. This connected culture and our expanding team of talented leaders will help us to improve people’s lives and drive access to healthcare.”

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