Anomaly delivers again, this time for Diet Coke

It’s business as usual it seems for Coca-Cola these days (which not everybody’s happy with) but it’s nice to see an old-style Coke ad – ‘Love what you love’ this time for Diet Coke by Anomaly US.

Anomaly, now part of Stagwell Group, seems to have hit a rich vein of form in the Us particularly, with good work for Budweiser and Expedia among others. Along with Coke, the kind of clients it needs.

Coke’s Omar Sadiq-Baig says: “With our new global campaign and on-pack partnership with London Fashion Week in GB, we aim to inspire and reward our loyal fans. Because loving what you love is always in fashion, and that is something worth celebrating.”

‘Love what you love’ is a touch tautological (as is much that passes for marketing messages these days.) But it’s a chirpy number and we can always do with one of those.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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