New creativity: Ioniq, IKEA and Halifax

Hyundai’s luxury brand Ioniq is eschewing the Super Bowl this year but agency Innocean has been charged with making a Super Bowl level ad, to run elsewhere on NFL coverage.

So here it is. with Jason Bateman taking a tour through pre-history/history. Cave-dwelling folk are turning up often in ads recently, maybe it’s to escape all that gleaming tech.

MAA creative scale: 6 (promise not quite fulfilled.)

IKEA ploughs its own furrow, usually to excellent effect, using a variety of agencies and giving them room to manoeuvre. This from Thjnk in Germany, an agency that WPP acquired a few years ago when it decided to increae its German footprint (there are only 8,000 of them there.)

Seems to have picked up a gem.

Accurately encapsulates the joys of modern living.

Outstanding: MAA creative scale: 9.

Halifax is back with New Commercial Arts to remind us that “it’s a people thing.” This time with a bench and its various occupants through the day.

Single-minded you might call it. Halifax was NCA’s first big account and, clearly, the intention is not to drop the ball.

The occasional Finn Russell-type risky long pass wouldn’t go amiss though.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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