Half of UK consumers plan to reduce carbon footprint through food choices

A new study of UK consumers’ food choices by media platform Teads with Kantar shows that 40% claim to have made more “sustainable” choices when Christmas shopping while 60% of want to hear about brands’ sustainability credentials but don’t trust social media as a credible source.

Almost half (49%) want to reduce their carbon footprint through the food choices they make in 2022.

UK consumers’ awareness of both dairy-free and eco-conscious products continues to drive this shift while media coverage around events such as COP26 has helped accelerate awareness. COP26 has had a 31% increase in consumer awareness over the food choices they make.

The findings also showed that mainstream news had most impact in triggering environmental concerns for respondents across all age groups. However 45% of under 35 year olds stated that influencers and brand ambassadors have a strong impact on their perception of a brand’s sustainability credentials.

Phil Sumner, VP Insights, Northern Europe at Teads says: “Our research shows a significant consumer shift towards more eco-conscious attitudes surrounding sustainable food choices. Premium news sites are clearly the key source for delivering sustainability messaging; brands must ensure their ads are placed in these environments at least until initial brand trust is cemented. Following this, influencers and brand ambassadors can be extremely effective in influencing younger audiences in particular.”

Maybe Hellmann’s mayo can have a purpose after all.

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