Publicis invites staff to work their world – anywhere

Where would you like to go next year? Publicis, via its in-house comms system Marcel, is offering everyone the chance to work anywhere in the world for up to six weeks next year. Subject to health and safety, of which there’s obviously a lot around.

Publicis CEO Arthur Sadoun (left) says: “We have been working hard on how to turn the hybrid world into new opportunities for everyone at Publicis, and make the future of work more creative and more daring. We know the pandemic isn’t over, and we know that the world could close again at any time. But that’s not a reason to close our horizons and perspectives.

“We will continue to move forward, because one day this crisis will come to an end and because we owe it to our people to make their professional and personal experience at Publicis truly unique.”

The programme, ‘Work Your World,’ starts in January and will include a Home Swap Home system to exchange and share accommodation.

But what if they al lwant to go to the same place? Anyway it’s enterprising from Publicis and timely for a world in which younger people (those in demand anyway) are saying they don’t want to work all hours and want have a life besides.

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