IKEA’s new muscly bears from Mother could be winning trend

Most new IKEA ads are an event and Mother has delivered again with ‘Every home should be a haven,” featuring some muscly teddy bears ensuring a dad and daughter can get some quality time away from the cares of the world – temporarily anyway.

Marketing communications manager Kemi Anthony says: “As the foundation of our well-being and happiness, at IKEA we believe that everyone deserves a home where they feel safe, happy and comfortable, wherever they live.”

“Whilst there are all kinds of everyday stresses and strains that can prevent home from being the haven it should be, we’re committed to helping our customers overcome these challenges where we can, with our new campaign calling for everyone to create the space they deserve, and a home life they love.”

The bears could prove to be a winner – will they return, at Christmas maybe?

MAA creative scale: 8.

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    I want one of the ikea muscle bears

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