Will there be a profitable Act 111 for M&C’s Kershaw, Muirhead and Sinclair?

Another collection of big beast is stalking adland: David Kershaw , Bill Muirhead and Jeremy Sinclair, who helmed M&C Saatchi until an accounting scandal in 2019, have formed Act 111, a new investment company.

Muirhead, 75, told the Sunday Times: “Basically we’ve worked together for a very long time so we thought we’d look for a place in Soho where we can hang out so we don’t end up as alcoholics, dead or divorced.”

The Times

The three amigos says they don’t plan to do advertising – although that’s what they all say until a client comes knocking.

Some naive souls thought Sir Martin Sorrell was getting past it when he was spectacularly defenestrated from WPP in 2018 but Sorrell, then 75, bounced back with the help of some eager investors and a strategy that was more or less the reverse of most things WPP had been doing. S4 Capital, valued now at close to £4bn (WPP is around £11bn) is the result.

Kershaw, Muirhead and Sinclair aren’t quite in the same stratospheric league but they too have great connections and will attract backing, should they need it, from investors willing to overlook a few million in mis-stated profits. M&C sails on under admiral Moray MacLennan.

MacLennan may not be entirely relaxed about the three getting back to business.

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