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Former Firm Decisions boss Broderick launches new media compliance firm

Former Firm Decisions boss Stephen Broderick (Firm Decisions is now part of Ebiquity) is going his own way with MediaMarketing Compliance, also a registered accountancy firm.

Broderick (above) and some colleagues joined MediaPath Network’s compliance operation last autumn but now say they want to operate independently rather than with one media consultancy.

CEO Broderick says: “In an increasingly fragmented sector we are looking forward to launching our own specialist and highly experienced service. This move allows us to continue with existing partnerships but also grow and develop, becoming one of only a few marketing auditors and compliance specialists also registered as an accountancy firm.

“Our hugely experienced global team will be able to deliver specialised financial compliance services throughout the marketing supply chain, be that within media, creative, production, field marketing/merchandizing, experiential, or any other marketing category. Our aim is to work with our clients on a more regular basis, helping them to avoid compliance issues in the first place, not just resolve them.”

Broderick’s colleagues include Elliot Sherrington and Tony Whittingstall covering Europe & Global, Fiona Foy covering the Americas, David Reid covering the Asia Pacific region and Jon Pigden covering the Middle East and Africa. Media Marketing Compliance says it already has more than 20 retained clients.

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