MSQ celebrates Earth Day with chief sustainability officer

Here’s a new one (for us anyway) in the agency C-suite, a chief sustainability officer (CSO presumably) although most agencies now have one that does something else.

MSQ has appointed James Cannings (left) to the role (he’s already there as a founder of its MMT digital agency.) Cannings is also co-chair of BIMA Sustainability. BIMA describes itself as the voice of Britain’s digital and tech (can’t find out what the initials stand for anywhere, not even on its low emissions website.)

But we mustn’t mock. Today is Earth Day with all sorts of bodies pledging to reduce emissions and the like so Canning’s appointment is timely. MSQ became the UK’s first marketing group to be carbon negative in Nov 2020 and has pledged to reduce overall carbon emissions by a further 50% by 2024, which sounds slightly alarming. Will they all disappear?

Good works to date include establishing an offsetting partnership with Ecologi, through which MSQ has already offset over 1,500 tonnes of CO2, funding projects such as onshore wind energy generation in Taiwan and forest protection in Zimbabwe, as well as planting over 65,000 trees.

Cannings says: “I’m delighted to take on the role of Chief Sustainability Officer and continue the amazing work that has been done in a relatively short space of time. MSQ is serious about putting sustainability at the heart of the way it conducts itself as a business. It’s why we’re not just a carbon negative business but also committed to rapidly becoming a low-carbon organisation.

“Thanks to the support from MSQ and through my work on the BIMA Sustainability Council, it’s also about supporting other businesses, especially the SMEs, in how to implement similar strategies that have clear actionable initiatives and make an immediate impact.”

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  1. Wow, carbon neutral already! That’s awesome. I wonder what other conservation efforts MSQ could make? It would be awesome to see more corporate responsiblity for our oceans. I am trying to do my part– I am pescatarian and only buy seafood from sustainable companies. (Here’s my favorite: I’m just one person, though…

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