New Commercial Arts lays down big creative agency challenge with Moneysupermarket win

In case anyone doubted it New Commercial Arts, the London agency founded by adam&eve’s James Murphy and David Golding with Ian Heartfield from BBH and Rob Curran from Wunderman, is now a big player – winning UK price comparison site in a head to head against Lucky Generals.

NCA made its debut last summer with #OurSecondChance, a booster pandemic campaign for Out of Home via the World Out of Home Organization (below) but had to wait until this year for its first major work for a big commercial brand, the UK’s Halifax bank,to appear.

In the interim it’s also won a major global CRM assignment from Uber and a global creative brief from Vodafone (good luck with that one.)

Any new creative agency beginning in the UK has three major targets, not enmeshed in international arrangements: a bank, a price comparison site and a retailer.

NCA has, so far, landed two out of three. Now who will be the retailer?

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  1. At least they have a sensible name, rather than some wankerish thing. I always remember when “Mother” launched, I thought to myself, I don’t want my Mum doing ads when she could be getting on with the laundry.

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