MSQ launches new global business agency MSQ B2B

UK based international marketing group MSQ is getting pretty big these days – pandemic or no pandemic – and it’s grouping its various business-to-business agencies (B2B) together in MSQ B2B. Chairman is Tom Stein, also chairman of Stein IAS, the agency he founded in 1985 which joined MSQ in 2015.

B2B will employ around 800 people in 12 offices worldwide and claims to be the world’s fifth-largest B2B agency group.

Stein (below with Kate Howe) says: “The watchwords of the past year have been empathy, agility and transformation. And having been involved in B2B for more than three decades, I’ve not experienced a period of time where B2B has undergone such a rapid evolution.

“B2B brands today are seeking a more relevant agency model. They need scale and broad capability – but they also need that capability applied in a more agile way, one that’s completely synced to their specific needs now and as they evolve. They require deep expertise in technology and data – but they also need to communicate and connect with humanity and empathy, with emotional intelligence.

“That’s why MSQ B2B has been born – to use the collective capabilities of multiple award-winning agencies to provide the right blend of solutions to help build high EQ business brands today and over time.”

MSQ executive director Howe says: “This is all about new ways of partnering with brands to drive business outcomes. We understand clients need flexibility and transparency and we have significant experience working with clients this way already, including joining them in-house for extended periods of time.”

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