The Glenlivet aims for best-use-of-Scotsman gong

Whisky advertising often defeats adland’s finest – recall a honker some years back from adam&eveDDB for Haig Club – but Crispin Porter Bogusky London has given The Glenlivet its best shot with this tale of the founder guarding his not-so-wee dram through the increasingly modern-looking ages.

‘Original by Tradition’ it seems.

Not entirely convinced but ‘A’ for effort.

MAA creative scale: 6.

Sometimes dispensing with the Scotsman is the way to go. From Saatchi in one of its manifestations I think.

One Comment

  1. Best Scotch ad ever… Robert Carlisle walking through the highlands in a six minute single take for Johnnie Walker. OK, it’s a video, but these days, who cares. It’s a pleasure to watch.

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