Lacta’s Easter Bunny rides to Christmas rescue

If Christmas is cancelled – locked down anyway – what can you do but look forward to Easter?

Mondelez brand Lacta chocolate’s mascot is an Easter Bunny so when Santa, on account of his age and therefore vulnerability to the dreaded virus, is locked down up pops the bunny to help out. From David São Paulo.

David VP creative director Rafael Donato says: “It seemed wrong to ask Santa to go outside this year to deliver all the presents. That’s why we asked Easter Bunny to help us out on this very important task. We are lucky to have him available.

“Although this is a fairytale, there is a very important message. Lacta is starting a movement that brings awareness about how magical Christmas is, even if we need to celebrate in a different way. The brand shows off how important it is to everyone to do their part to make this magic still happen.”


MAA creative scale: 7.

One Comment

  1. This is great, both for Santa who needs to stay safe during Covid-19, and for buns everywhere. It’s time to stop associating rabbits with Easter only, so that children can learn that getting a rabbit is a commitment that lasts all year for many years.

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