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Christianne Wahl of VidMob: why creatives and media planners need to work better together

For too long there has been a disconnect between two major functions in digital advertising – the ad creators and the media planners. Traditionally, the creators cook up a suite of ad creatives, ring the bell for the planning team to serve, then clean up and move on to the next dish.

But, when 70% of campaign performance is determined by the creative, it seems counterintuitive that media planners alone are responsible for the optimisation of digital ads, alongside the placement. In a landscape where we have access to real-time data and consumer insights, this model is hampering the success of digital campaigns.

The call to innovate is growing louder, as marketing budgets experience downward pressure due to the influence of COVID. Many brands generate between 50% and 80% of their total revenues over the Christmas period. So, with the all important festive season upon us, there has never been a better time to address this divide between advertising functions to ensure brands can hit their targets.

To realise the full potential for creative performance, media planners need to provide ad creators with insights and feedback. By bringing in creative teams throughout the campaign process and breaking down operational silos, advertising teams can optimise their digital efforts for efficiency and impact.

When equipped with the right tools, creative teams can leverage performance data to enhance ads mid-campaign, driving faster adaptability and better business outcomes. The toolbox for measuring creative performance continues to expand – and with it comes renewed potential for collaboration between creators and planners. Working in tandem with media teams, ad creators can continuously optimise their production for desired metrics and brand objectives.

This isn’t to say that all the ingredients for brand success need to be kept in the same cupboard. Creative and media are distinct disciplines – with unique approaches and mindsets – and this is important to preserve. What needs to be reimagined is the communication and data shared between them.

In a digital world, creatives must view their role in campaigns as constantly evolving, while planners should look to facilitate this evolution with performance insights. By unifying the technology the two functions use, advertising teams can bring together media planners and ad creators to achieve greater success for clients now and beyond.

Christianne Wahl is head of global accounts EMEA at VidMob.

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