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Why Visual Marketing Strategies Matter For Your Business

In the current age of constant distractions and visual stimuli, no business can do effective marketing without adding visual strategies to the mix. With millions of businesses vying for people’s attention on every platform, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to create engaging marketing material that users can retain.

People have a short attention span and it’s more important than ever to capture their attention and keep them engaged. Our brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. This is why we see marketers focusing on graphics and videos to bring their marketing efforts to life.

Many companies are already leveraging visual content marketing to improve their marketing efforts. Marketers have realized that visuals help improve the engagement rate of their promotional materials and provide an enriching experience to their audience. Before any further ado, let’s dive in to see how you can also include visual marketing strategies in your business and gain a competitive advantage.

Make Your Content Memorable with Stunning Visuals

Blogs are a great way of sharing your industry expertise with your audience. Long-form content delivers better ROI, high conversion rates, and more readability. But getting people to read long blocks of text has become a challenge now. To keep your readers engaged, you can add visual breaks in the form of stunning visuals to break the monotony and create a long-lasting impact on your readers. These visuals can include infographics, charts, content summaries, and even short videos.

You can easily find blog post headers and other customizable design templates online to present quality content for your readers to enjoy and help you convert them to customers. Furthermore, promoting your blogs with customizable social media templates can entice users to click on your links, creating additional referral traffic for your website.

You can also repurpose this long-form content into smaller, bite-sized content to share on social media channels and engage your audience while saving time.

Harness the Power of Instructional Videos

For effective marketing, it’s important to not overtly sell your product but add value to your customers. No wonder, it’s difficult convincing customers to buy your product. However, one way to convince them is through video guides that help them better understand how your product will solve their problems.

You can also promote your products through video guides – making it a win-win solution. But where to start? No, you don’t have to spend hours thinking about ideas that will work. There are online tools with customizable video templates that require no videographers, graphics designers, or professional equipment and are affordable. Hence, you can use the video templates to better engage your audience and make a lasting impact. Edit the template according to your branding, add text slides to relay any instructions, add your logo and you are good to go!

Making things easier for you, check out this short video from Kelty that shows their product in action and explains their brand positioning. It’s a short video that really connects with the audience and has been getting attention from product sites and marketing blogs for all the right reasons.

Boost Engagement with Bite-Sized Content

People are constantly being bombarded with content and there’s no better way to capture their attention than short, digestible slides to share information. You can do this either in story or post form to pleasantly surprise them.

You can even create bite-sized content in the form of Instagram story ads, social posts, entertaining and educational infographics, and a lot more.

Consider WaterDrop’s Instagram story ads campaign that generated a 24% increase in sales. They created stories that didn’t look like ads but gave away a feeling of watching a friend’s story. If WaterDrop can get these results from their Instagram stories and ad campaign, so can you. These results are easily within your reach when you can create impactful stories and posts with customizable templates.

User-Generated Content (UGC) Can Go A Long Way

Work on marketing campaigns that inspire your followers and users to create content for you. Word of mouth has done wonders for brands and helps improve your product’s credibility.

But for this, you should have a solid UGC strategy. You can ask customers and prospects to follow you on social media channels and leave reviews about their experience and the product. This will help improve your brand credibility.

Many brands also leverage influencers to host contests on social media and promote their products. People who trust these influencers are more likely to buy your product when they see them advocating it. Another effective UGC strategy is to create and promote actionable hashtags online and offline. Start an online contest and encourage people to participate in it. Some brands also host meet-ups to interact with current and potential customers and offer free goodies to create buzz for their business.

An amazing example would be Kellogg’s #GreatStarts that went viral. It encouraged fans and customers to share their morning rituals and start the day with a bang. The campaign overall had quite a positive impact on the masses and gained the brand a lot of exposure.

People trust businesses that humanize their interactions. Encouraging user-generated content through reviews or contests is a great way to get higher engagement and referrals. Even big brands utilize user-generated content to gain insight into their audience, boost SEO efforts, and enhance the reach of their social media posts.

Key Takeaway

Using eye-catching visuals can boost engagement, increase conversions, and leave a lasting impact on people that interact with your brand. Plain text is boring and your competitors are already investing in creating stunning videos, social media posts, and animations to captivate the attention of their audience. With visual marketing strategies, you can not only sell your products but also turn your customers into repeat consumers by creating a strong connection.

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