‘Why Stop?’ Toyota Yaris takes a tumble through Cape Town

A champion gymnast flips and tumbles through the streets of Cape Town, in an energetic new pan-European campaign for Toyota Yaris Hybrid from The&Partnership.

After performing some impressive manoeuvres, Katelyn Ohashi gets into a Yaris and drives, as the voiceover says: “When you have the energy to keep going, why stop?” The pan-European campaign includes playlists on Spotify and appearances on fitness and wellness podcasts, as well as social, posters, press.

Phil Beaumont, creative director, The&Partnership Europe said “The idea needed to attract a new, more youthful audience and change perceptions of Yaris from rational to emotional, from expected to exciting. Seeing Katelyn’s viral routines, so agile and compact, so dynamic and joyful. We felt we’d discovered the perfect embodiment of the New Yaris Hybrid’s unstoppable energy. The next step was to put her routine with all its thrilling energy on the road.”

A memorable ad from a prolific advertiser.

MAA creative scale: 7

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