MAA blast from the past: Araldite’s stickability

We hear a lot (actually nearly everything) these days about digital, including digital Out of Home, posters as was.

But there have always been different ways to use the medium and in back in 1983 London agency FCO decided to demonstrate the sticking powers of Araldite glue by sticking a car to a poster on London’s busy Cromwell Road.

‘Elf and Safety’ would probably have something to say about this these days (the car was also supported by wires and stuff on instruction from the local council.)

The first special build poster? Maybe the best.

One Comment

  1. It still looks great, doesn’t it. I used to often show the whole series of these 3 posters in my talks in China. It always got a fantastic reaction as the idea was so simple and the translation was easy. In fact they probably just liked the idea of sticking a car to a poster, never mind the very British understated line.
    Stands the test of time.

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