Karmarama’s uplifting vignette for Guide Dogs – but all’s not happy at agency owner Accenture

Children are going back to school in many places after lockdown and some of them have more to contend with than others. Here’s a touching 30-seconds from Karmarama for Guide Dogs, which helps visually impaired people, not just by supplying dogs.

Makes you feel more human somehow – which is one of the things advertising can do.

MAA creative scale: 8.

On as less positive note I see that Sid McGrath, long-serving CSO of Accenture-owned Karmarama (before that at the late-lamented HHCL) is on his way. At the same time Accenture’s Droga5 in the US is laying off about 40 people, seven per cent of its staff. Proving, perhaps, that even high-performing consultancies are not endless money trees, immune to the travails of the normal world.

D5/Accenture is referring to the lqyoffs as “transitioning out,” a truly horrible new coinage in the gruesome lexicon of management speak. And D5 is supposed to be a communications company!

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