Goodbye Karmarama, The Monkeys and Rothco – welcome to newly-minted Accenture Song

Another day, another rebrand: Accenture Interactive has decided it needs a new, groovy identity and from now on it’s going to be known as Accenture Song.

More practically this means all its agencies, including Karmarama in the UK and The Monkeys in Australia (40 in total) are going to be fledgling songbirds too.

The only exceptions are Droga5 in New York and London – hardly surprising as they’re the strongest brands and the boss’s name is over the door. David Droga remains as CEO of Accenture Song.

Accenture says: “Since its infancy, Accenture Interactive has helped clients build and grow their business by being experience-led. Today’s needs are strikingly different. To capture the next waves of growth, businesses now need to operate at the speed of life, perpetually demonstrating their relevance to their customers, their people and the world at large.

“Building on Accenture’s longstanding culture of change, the name Accenture Song conveys an enduring and universal form of human craft, connection, inspiration, technical prowess and experience—unleashing the imagination and ideas of its people to deliver tangible results.”

So Accenture Song is no longer experience-led? Or does experience-unleashing cover that? Whoever wrote this guff seems to have cocked up here. As for “the speed of life” (assuming it means anything) does this imply a rush into the faster, cheaper content beloved of newish rivals S4Capital and BrandTech Group?

How this affects those toiling at what were once Karmarama, The Monkeys and Rothco in Ireland we wait to see.

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