John Lewis TV ad hopes homeware can rescue a tough year

As we all face a winter indoors, interiors brands are having a moment, and John Lewis is sensibly focusing on its homeware department for this new “Joy of Home” campaign by adam&eveDDB. The furniture takes on a life of its own to reflect the fact that our homes are constantly evolving and adapting to the unpredictable demands of 2020.

John Lewis has been doing some adapting itself in a bid to cope with a pre-tax loss of £635 million, including dropping the “Never Knowingly Undersold” slogan and all staff bonuses, as well as culling stores and building up its online offer.

Claire Pointon, partner and customer director for John Lewis, said: “Our customers have told us that their homes have never mattered more to them. They’ve had to use them to fulfil new functions, such as offices, gyms, entertaining children and much more. This new flexible approach to living is here to stay, and this campaign will raise awareness of our home products, celebrate our unrivalled design credibility and craftsmanship while communicating our great value.”

As an aside, couldn’t help noting that the ad features the same “dad” as adam&eveDDB’s recent “I can do anything” spot for Virgin Media.


  1. Ridiculous. Who thinks up these stupid adverts, just watched it and there isn’t one light there I’d buy in a charity shop. Showed it the rest of the family and everyone just looked at each other in amazement. Its between the Nationwide ads and yours which are dafter.

  2. John Lewis – How much DOUGH did the Ad agency con you, to make this. Agree with Jacquiline, what a ridiculous ad. Suggest a new slogan for J.L. “Never Knowingly been Conned ” Could you please send me a cheque for £100,000 for my suggested campaign slogan. Cheap at the price for a seamless transition to this new Slogan.

  3. Playing the diversity card as usual, all advert actors all the same types now! Not reflected in the shoppers actually in the shops!

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