Havas targets minority media with new “social equity marketplace”

Havas Media Group in the UK is launching what it calls a “social equity marketplace”aiming to give clients the opportunity to use so-called under-represented media. This follows a similar initiative in the US.

The UK marketplace includes Black, Asian, minority ethnic, LGBTQ+ and women-owned and operated media partners. Media included are The Source, Gay Times, Pink News, Woman Alive and Asian community publishers. Starbucks is the first client.

Havas Media Group chief investment officer Simon Bevan says: “At a time where consumer and business sentiment are focused on social action in many forms, Havas Media Group felt it was important to offer our clients a way to make a positive and meaningful impact on society.

“We are uniquely placed to be the first market outside of the US to launch an offering like this, and we’re hugely proud to be able to give our clients the opportunity to support underrepresented groups with their media investment.”

Will clients sign up to it? Doing so would be a PR opportunity as well as a media one and, in these ‘woke’ times it ma work. Good anyway to see media being chosen on some other ground than programmatic.

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