When your slogan lets you down. KFC ditches ‘finger lickin’ good’ in first global campaign

KFC has finally bowed to the pandemic, and removed its frankly unsanitary “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan from all the ads – TV and OOH – in a new global campaign by Mother.

Remember back in February when Mother London’s pre-Covid KFC campaign had to be withdrawn? The ads were a sensuous celebration of licking fingers and unfortunately launched just as the pandemic struck. The agency’s poor timing has turned out to be the inspiration behind the fast food giant’s first global marketing effort.

Kate Wall, head of advertising at KFC UK & Ireland, said: “We aren’t about skirting around issues at KFC and fortunately, in Mother and Freuds, we have agencies that are as into big and bold ideas as we are. I think we all know it has been a tricky year for the hospitality and advertising industries but, like our slogan, we’ll bounce back. Bigger and better than ever.”

KFC is threatening to come up with a temporary alternative slogan but will restore “Finger lickin’ good” when the time is right.

Mother has a track record of turning a bad situation around for KFC, starting with the famous FCK apology ad at the time of the chain’s chicken shortages in February 2018.

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