Skoda’s new SUV range ad is a Katastrophe

Why do car range ads never work? Hard to say, but they don’t. Peugeot had a go for its SUV range a while back and that didn’t and now Skoda is trying the same via Fallon London. Makes a change from singing lessons with Paloma Faith I suppose.

Entitled ‘Each as Splendid as the Next,’ which doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue.

The Kodiaq, Karoq and the Kamiq (where do they get these names from – isn’t the Kodiak a bear?) are doubtless capable, value for money machines. And the aim, presumably, is to get you to a dealer who may be able to explain the difference between the three models.

But this is advertising as pointless noise.

MAA creative scale: 2.

PS Audi in the US (also owned by VW as is Skoda) has got itself into a tizz with this tweet.

Didn’t a similar thing happen to VW a while back? Audi says it didn’t do it and it doesn’t know who did. Has VW, which must be the most accident-prone carmaker on the planet, just got too big?

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