Post-lockdown creativity: Iris scores for Starbucks

How Starbucks became the biggest coffee shop in the world is a mystery to some of us; part of it is the name writing on cups.

They’re re-opening to an extent after lockdown and Iris in the UK hasd produced a nice social media post, encouraging face masks (in the UK you have to wear one when you order, then you can take it off a couple of feet away.

Iris associate creative director Eli Vasiliou told Muse: “The mask ad was proactive, rather than in response to a client brief. With masks becoming mandatory in the UK in shops and cafes, and mask/no-mask debates raging on social media, we saw an opp for Starbucks — on one hand, positioning mask-wearing as an altruistic act, but also just taking the heat out of the issue.

“Names on cups is such a big thing at Starbucks and it just occurred to me how much trickier life suddenly is for baristas. They’ve got no chance! That idea made me laugh, so we worked it up as a little social post for Starbucks’ Instagram and Facebook. Client loved it and signed it off, and that was that.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

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