Post-lockdown creativity: Royal British Legion and Humane Society bang the charity drum

We may have to review our post-lockdown creativity category at some stage as so-called “local” lockdowns (some involving large chunks of various countries, big cities especially) creep upon us.

But lockdown is the backdrop of much of the advertising we see as in this new campaign from Leagas Delaney for the Royal British Legion, a charity that supports serving and ex-serving members of the armed forces. Remembrance Day or ‘Poppy Day,’ which marks the end of the 1914-18 First World War, is its biggest fundraiser.

Charities are under pressure in the pandemic, of course, as people save money for their own purposes – like surviving without a job.

So Leagas Delaney has struck a “we’re all in this together – once again” note in its brand campaign.

RBL "Once Again" from Leagas Delaney on Vimeo.

Belgian production company Fledge is using humans’ experience of lockdown to highlight the plight of billions of animals that spend their existence – long or short – in some form of lockdown to serve our various purposes. For the Humane Society International which says it’s the biggest worldwide animal welfare organisation.

Written and directed by Fledge’s Maria Leon.

End The Lockdown for Animals from Fledge on Vimeo.

Sometimes charity ads just batter you and it’s counter-productive. Fledge’s effort flirts with that but I guess when you’ve seen yards of footage of miserable animals it gets to you.

But both those these are creditable efforts.

MAA creative scale (both): 7.

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