Dallas agency Team One launches inspiring medical cannabis crusade ‘Chasing Hope’

You think you’ve got problems in this problematic age. A child with epilepsy is of a different order altogether and Dallas agency Team One is doing its bit to help with this inspiring film – ‘Chasing Hope’ – part of the agency’s annual ‘Launch an Idea’ programme.

It shows the extraordinary effect of medical cannabis on these children but also the financial and legal obstacles to use of the drug in some American states. The aim is to raise funds for parent struggling to find $400 q month for medical marijuana.

Chasing Hope from Justin Wilson on Vimeo.

Team One associate creative director Ryan Durr, whose child has epilepsy, says: “For three years, my wife and I battled our son’s rare epilepsy disorder, and after failing half a dozen medications, we feared our options were exhausted until we tried medical marijuana. The passing of the Texas Compassionate Use Act meant patients diagnosed with intractable epilepsy, like my son, could legally be prescribed medical marijuana.

“While it’s helped many children and families, the cost is incredibly prohibitive for many of the people that need it – we want to help change that and will be using this film in part to help raise money for these families.”

Team One CCO Chris Graves says: “Each year, our team amazes us with the ideas they bring to the table, with ambitions to create real change in areas of our community that need it most. Chasing Hope is a great example of that – the film goes beyond the benefits of medical marijuana, shining a light on the real issues and barriers to this type of treatment.

“We invested in this film because we know the cannabis industry is in a transitional stage, and needs creative problem solving more than ever. It’s been interesting to see how much of the conversation in this space has shifted to health and wellness, but there’s more work to do, and we want to play a part in continuing to reshape the dialogue and dispel stigmas.”

Well let’s hope they succeed. Some investors are making lots of money out of medical marijuana – does it really have to cost so much?

A fine piece of work from Team One.

MAA creative scale: 10.

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