BBC, ITV, C4 and C5 come together for Uncommon’s ad

For the first time, all four terrestrial broadcasters have united to create a single and that will run across every channel at the same time.

The “Our Stories” film takes a trip around the UK, and in every location we see screens playing familiar TV shows, from ITV’s “Love Island” to the BBC’s “I May Destroy You” and everything in between. It even conjures up a mood of unity and pride, which is pretty hard to do these days.

Free to air television faces tough competition from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV etc, and this film by Uncommon Creative Studios makes a persuasive case for the public service broadcasters.

Nils Leonard, co-founder at Uncommon, said: “British TV reflects and shapes our culture and who we are. Our debates, our conversations, our communities and our characters are all reflected in the stories we watch every day. These are our stories. British TV matters – now more than ever.”

Alex Mahon, Channel 4 CEO, said: “This film is an incredible celebration of British storytelling and the beautiful, harrowing, funny and necessary stories we collectively share with the audiences we serve.”

MAA creative scale: 8

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