MAA blast from the past: another one-off from Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott’s legendary ‘1984’ Super Bowl commercial for Apple is supposed to have only run the once (job – or Jobs – done.) Actually it debuted on an out of the way cable channel late the year before so it could be entered for awards.

Here’s another “one-off” from Scott, a 1990 Super Bowl effort – ‘built for the human race’ – for Nissan’s 300ZX muscle car. Nissan execs panicked after the event it seems – fearing it would encourage “street racing” – and it never ran again.

Clients, dont’cha love ’em.


  1. Actually, it wasn’t a cable channel… It ran one time at one o’clock in the morning late in 1983 on KMVT, Channel 11 in Twin Falls, Idaho. That’s right, fucking Idaho, The Fourth Reich where I currently live enjoying the fine potato vodka. Chiat paid the few dollars media fee themselves so it would qualify for all the award shows in 1984. It proceeded to clean up. Rightfully so! You have to be an old fart to know these kind of esoteric details. Cheers/George

  2. And… You have to hand it to “Rid.” Production budget… What production budget?

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