Genero provides new snapshot of ad production in the crisis

Most of us are probably fed up already with WFH commercials via Zoom but some “proper” ads are still being made although the extent varies around the world.

Professional creative network Genero has been canvassing hundreds of its members in the crisis to discoverer what’s going on – or not.

Here’s its latest update.

Live production and shoots with talent on location are possible in some markets like Canada, China and Australia – with restrictions. Restrictions can include the number of attendees on set, the size of the set to allow for social distancing, permits required and obvious sanitisation rules. Taiwan is the only market where full live production can currently move forward without restrictions, although safety measures are still in place.

Genero CEO Mick Entwisle says: “These are unprecedented times for the creative industry and obviously safety is the first priority. But for marketers who haven’t had to hit pause completely, the map provides a range of options for moving forward with the relevant precautions in place.

“We’re so proud to see our creators around the world coming up with safe, innovative ways to keep producing content in such a challenging environment, and to be able to continue to support our clients.”

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