MAA blasts from the past: Strand cigarettes and Daz

My friend and long-time MAA supporter Bob Collins recommends these venerable communications: Strand cigarettes from Ogilvy, often described as adland’s biggest own goal, and all-conquering Daz.

“You’re never alone with a Strand” it said, but you were as it flopped. Despite the directing efforts of Third Man director Carol Reed. And it’s still a nice film. But the fags, apparently, were pants.

Bob also recommends ‘Daz washes whiter’ which went on and on – and probably didn’t win any awards – but did what it says on the tin, as someone else said.

Here’s an exotic riff – could be a People’s Lottery ad.

It’s been one of those weeks of course, grim and grimmer.

This cheered me up tonight, played by the lady standing in for Iggy Pop on 6 Music (sorry, didn’t catch her name.)

Linda Ronstadt from the days when you only had to worry about sex, drugs and rock’n roll (and the Cold War obviously.) Many of which proved more fatal to the principals that Coronavirus. Mercifully Linda’s just about still with us.

Good weekend.

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