MAA blast from the past: Toblerone’s triangular bees

Back in the day there was a UK agency Allen Brady & Marsh that, fairly briefly, swept all before it with lots of big accounts: British Rail, some of Whitbread. Front man Peter Marsh was a former actor who found the perfect stage in over-the-top adland. Rod Allen was the king of the jingle, which he used to knock out by the yard. Mike Brady did something else (well someone had to.)

Here’s one of Allen’s finest (I think I know it was his jingle and that this was an ABM ad.)

Actually it’s worn rather well. What’s wrong with jingles anyway?

One Comment

  1. Who could forget the almost weekly DPS ads in Campaign, where Messrs Allen and Marsh, in white suits (and in Allen’s case, huge buggers grip sidebuns) would show off their latest win!?

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