BT and ITV rise to crisis challenge with Tech Tips

Something is clearly stirring in Britain’s BT – if it goes on like this people will even end up liking it, not seen since the days of Maureen Lipman – and it’s running BT Tech Tips in ITV airtime, to help businesses and others through the crisis.

Here’s BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey – occasionally a rather bumptious soul who likes the sound of his own voice – doing his bit.

Good idea, well executed.

MAA Usefulness Scale: 8.


  1. Ive Heard no end of Things going on about The Covid 19 The Tragedies and the Heroes etc etc Also the Awful deaths 1000s of People


    Sadly all those that have died and the families cannot attend the funerals properly etc

    What happens with all those persons that sensibly planned for the Future My Mother at 86 years old and myself being these people What happens to all the money we paid in?
    Because that funeral we planned for will not go ahead will the Families claim for the money to be paid to them?

    I thought an interesting questions that I haven’t seen asked /raised

    I look forward to some guidance

  2. David

    This seems like one of the questions Martin Lewis may be able to check on. I listen to him a lot and I don’t think he has covered this subject. The first port of call may be the provider who is giving this service. My wife and I have a couple of policies but are cash only to pay for our funerals. Take care and good luck!

  3. The tech tips are a good service but I wonder why they have no subtitles. My hearing disabled partner is totally excluded fro m benefitting.

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