W+K’s Neil Christie picks his MAA blast from the past

Renault from 1986 by McCormick Publicis

They really don’t make them like this any more – a little drama in 60 seconds. Beautiful craft in the writing and production, perfectly cast, with believable characters and a wryly amusing twist in the tale. Of course, it’s also shamelessly glossy and insufferably smug. It’s a time capsule that reveals something about people’s aspirations in the 1980s (the gothic private school in the country that provides violin tuition, the beautiful wife, the career, the leather seats, the electric windows) and what the ad industry used to be like.

As someone has remarked in the YouTube comments, It ‘couldn’t be more ’80s if it snorted coke off a Filofax whilst running over a striking miner.’

This is an updated version of an earlier story – see comment.

Neil Christie is director of growth markets (Brazil, India, Japan and China) at Wieden+Kennedy.


  1. this ad was done by McCormick Publicis, before it was just called Publicis. Art Director: Mel Williams. Copywriter: Tago Byers.

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