Remember Old Spice’s ‘The man your man could smell like’? He now smells like your embarrassing dad

It doesn’t seem long ago that Wieden + Kennedy’s “Man your man could smell like” was a cutting-edge, “new media” campaign that – radically – broke online.

Well, that was actually ten years ago, and actor Isiah Mustafa is now back as an embarrassing dad in a new campaign for the brand. Not to worry though, he still hasn’t put his top on, and now there is also his son, played by actor Keith Powers, to admire.

Father and son can’t agree on which range is best, which is a clever way of introducing new products and appealing to the next generation. The tagline is “Smell like your own man, man,” the scripts and acting are excellent, and there are two other ads in the series to enjoy – one of which is a solo turn from Mustafah.

MAA creative scale: 9

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