Fold7 debuts for veggie-friendly Kallo

Fold7 is making its debut for Kallo with a social and Out of Home campaign, nicely timed for Veganuary with its wall-to-wall coverage of veggie eating and cooking. Kallo is also partnering with veggie chefs Bish Bash Bosh. Kallo makes veggie-friendly rice, corn and lentil cakes and stocks and gravies.

Kallo brand controller Duncan Bull says: “I’ve wanted to work with Fold7 for some time. Their strategic smarts,strong creative, and great people, made them a natural choice for a challenger brand like Kallø that is seeking a more unifying, purposeful brand positioning and communication idea that’s worth getting behind.

“It’s been a while since Kallo has invested outside of shopper marketing and print advertising, and we’re excited to see what new opportunities this could deliver for the brand.”

Worth keeping an eye on Fold7, now with Marc Nohr in the chair, this year.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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