Neil Dawson’s new agency wins Nested property account

Neil Dawson’s new agency – Neil A Dawson & Co is its full moniker – has won the property account. Nested describes itself as a challenger brand, offering a full service through the property selling and buying chain. Neil A Dawson is its first agency appointment.

Dawson was the founding creative director of BETC when it launched in London and won proper business including Diet Coke and Bacardi.

Ben Bailey of says: “We chose Neil and his team after they impressed us with their previous work and creative application. For a start-up such as Nested, the flexibility of their business model means we can get work out faster, with more direct access to the creative process.”

Dawson says: “We are thrilled to be working for a client with such a smart, fresh take on their industry. They are disrupting the market, so they have a great tale to tell and they understand the importance of creativity. We are looking forward to delivering work that can make us all proud and propels their business forward.“

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