Boots opens digital and real life “Bootiques” for Ogilvy’s #GiftLikeYouGetThem campaign

Ogilvy’s Christmas effort for Boots takes the “we’ve got something for everyone” route. The film throws in every type of person they can think of — from married couples, fitness fanatics and transvestites to tweenagers and vegans — and then helpfully points out how hard it is to find the right present.

The effect is to ramp up the stress, and then to make it all better with the promise of Christmas “Bootiques” in store and online. The TV ad will appear on all the main channels, but digital spend is 55 per cent of the budget; Boots aims to reach 21 million people in the first 24 hours.

Boots UK and Ireland marketing director, Helen Normoyle, said: “This Christmas we want to help the nation feel good, with a fun look at the very real challenge of finding that perfect gift. People’s ever-changing passions and interests can make it tough to buy for them at Christmas. We have used that challenge as a source of creative inspiration.”

Yes, it’s hard to find presents for the people you love, and this campaign dramatizes that effectively, but its high-octane approach is more likely to increase stress levels than diminish them.

MAA creative scale: 5

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