Does latest Ted Royer kerfuffle show an industry comprised of vengeful snowflakes?

Something called the London International Awards seems to have landed itself in hot water at an event for young creatives in Las Vegas (no, me neither but it’s warmer than London) by inviting defenestrated Droga5 CCO Ted Royer to speak.

Royer (below) was fired on what seem to be MeToo grounds following a supposedly independent investigation although no details have been announced. But he now seems to be an industry leper in some quarters, with some attendees apparently in tears at the event (although that could be because they feared they’d have to pay themselves if they didn’t attend all the sessions) and FCB abruptly ending its partnership with LIA.

You’ll have to fight your way over various paywalls to find out (if you can) what Royer actually said (apparently it was on the subject of ’empathy’) but my friend George Parker has his inimitable take on events in Adscam.

There was a similar kerfuffle when DDB CEO Wendy Clark enlisted Royer to help in DDB’s VW pitch a while back. First of all the usually sure-footed Clark denied it, then de-denied it and apologised, resigning from a MeToo committee in the process.

But Royer hasn’t been charged with anything, surely one day he’s entitled to re-enter a world that gave him his livelihood.

You don’t need to approve of what he might have done (not that we know what it was) to show a little mercy.

Has the ad industry become a collection of vengeful snowflakes?

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