Droga5 gives a glimpse of Quiddiya’s future

Saudi Arabia is splashing the cash with a vengeance, seemingly trying to take over global sports and also, along with other Arab nations, pouring billions into boosting tourism. The oil and gas may run out one day, of course.

One of its biggest developments is Qiddiya, described as an entertainment and tourism mega-project in Riyadh. There’s an even bigger building project called Neom.

Qiddiya is opening for business and Droga 5/Accenture Song is on the case with a campaign that certainly looks futuristic although you may not be entirely sure what to expect when you get there, for all the pyrotechnics. Maybe this is a teaser for more.

With any Saudi initiative, some people are going to ask: what’s the catch? Looks like Qiddiya visitors may have to do without alcohol although that may change.

MAA creative scale: 5

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