Toxic London air could affect more than just your house price in new AMV BBDO campaign

This week Greta Thunberg is campaigning in Washington and Extinction Rebellion have been protesting at London Fashion Week. Meanwhile the Central Office of Public Interest (COPI) is making its own case for the environment in a campaign by AMV BBDO.

Images indicating the level of local air pollution are being projected onto homes around London, including Park Modern, a luxury development next to Kensington Palace. Living in wealthy areas like Chelsea and Westminster offers no protection from nitrogen dioxide, and COPI is urging people to request immediate action from their MPs.

COPI, a crowd-funded initiative, has a website where Londoners can put in their postcodes and find out about the air quality in their area.

Estate agents are being targeted with a separate direct marketing campaign urging them to use the air quality ratings in the same way they use energy ratings for house purchases.

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